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Poop Bag Holder

Poop Bag Holder

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Introduction: Thank you for choosing the Poop Bag Holder, a convenient solution for managing used poop bags during your walks with your dog. This holder allows you to go hands-free, keeping your hands clean and your walks more enjoyable.

Instructions for Use:

  1. Prepare the Poop Bag:

    • After picking up your dog's waste, tie a secure knot at the top of the poop bag to seal it.
  2. Attach the Poop Bag to the Holder:

    • Locate the large hole on the Poop Bag Holder.
    • Push the knotted end of the poop bag through the large hole until it is securely in place. The bag should hang freely from the holder, allowing you to be hands-free.
  3. Secure the Poop Bag Holder:

    • Attach the Poop Bag Holder to your leash, belt loop, or bag using the attached clip. Ensure it is fastened securely.
  4. Hands-Free Walking:

    • With the poop bag now attached to the holder, you can continue your walk without the need to carry the bag in your hands. Enjoy the convenience and cleanliness of hands-free walking.

Additional Tips:

  • Always carry extra poop bags with you in case of multiple pickups.
  • Clean the Poop Bag Holder regularly to maintain hygiene.
  • Dispose of the used poop bag in a designated waste bin at the earliest convenience.

***Please leave a note specifying your preferred color. If you don't, a random color will be selected. Additionally, if we run out of the color you choose, a random color will be substituted.

Thank you for choosing the Poop Bag Holder. Enjoy your walks with peace of mind and convenience!

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